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Scorpio Sun sign basic personality

Determined and forceful.
Emotional and intuitive.
Powerful and passionate.
Compulsive and obsessive.
Secretive and obstinate.
Intensely passionate and jealous.

Sun sign Scorpios often need a great deal of sexual fulfillment, but equally important is financial success. They will feel thwarted if they do not achieve these goals. It is important to find a positive outlet for this drive and to ensure it is properly directed and fully extended.

Otherwise the energy can implode and cause a tendency to withdraw and brood, which in the long term can be a self-destructive pattern.

Most Scorpios are capable of deep, incisive and analytical thought; they have a powerful urge to get to the heart of an issue. They are also driven to get the most out of life, filling each day with work and demanding spare time interests.

They may force themselves to extremes of action, and so should try to release their energy in a balanced way whenever possible.

Scorpios can be tremendous catalysts for change; often attracting others whose lives can be transformed on some level by the experience.
These individuals can maintain a calm exterior, showing little if any emotion on the surface, but the outward appearance belies the underlying turmoil and inner intensity of emotions.

They are very private and perhaps even secretive about themselves but have a keen interest in what makes other people tick. Scorpios have the power to enthrall others, to magnetically attract, but used negatively this power can be used to manipulate, dominate or control others.

Co-ruled by both Mars and Pluto, the Scorpio can have strong aggressive or ruthless tendencies and motives may be selfish, but if properly channeled in business they can be tenacious and determined to succeed.

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The chief characteristic of a Sun sign Scorpio is a remarkable reserve of energy.

This energy can be so strong that these people can seem over-powering, even inhibiting and the Scorpio can feel driven by it.

When fully and positively expressed, both physically and emotionally, the individual can achieve much. However, if the energy flow is not controlled results can be disastrous, ending in resentfulness and jealousy, which can be the worst Scorpio fault.

Scorpios can be jealous in relationships, but also of colleagues and of other people's possessions. This can act as a spur and Scorpios may be inspired to do equally well or better than others. Pluto rules Scorpio and the body area ruled by Pluto is the genitals. This may partly explain why the sign has an overly sexy reputation.

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