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Scorpio Sun Sign in a Career

Determined and forceful.
Emotional and intuitive.
Powerful and passionate.
Compulsive and obsessive.
Secretive and obstinate.
Intensely passionate and jealous.

Some may have to strive a little harder to discover ways of using their abundant energy and achieving their potential. Scorpios do not cope well when out of work, as they need a constant daily outlet for their energy and must seek somehow to expend it.

Even if they have to take part-time or unpaid work, otherwise their powerful life forces can be negatively used.

Scorpios manifest well when under pressure, as they need something against which to test their muscles, mental or physical.

They do well in engineering, the mining industry, any area involved in the harnessing of mass power. The navy or occupations that involve diving can attract.

They are natural researchers and good detectives. Scorpios can often be found in the medical profession or healing arts in general and as adepts with the knife, they can become fine surgeons.

If positively aspected they can also be excellent at managing the money, property or estates of others, including tax accounting.

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Scorpios can be very emotionally involved in their careers. Like those of their polar opposite sign of Taurus, they need emotional and financial security, and are willing to work hard to achieve and maintain it.

They always seek to improve their standard of living and worldly status.

Their energy can sometimes seem entirely devoted to making money and as businessmen or women they endeavor to find a way to direct their keen sense of purpose.
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