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Scorpio Sun Sign in a Partnership

Determined and forceful.
Emotional and intuitive.
Powerful and passionate.
Compulsive and obsessive.
Secretive and obstinate.
Intensely passionate and jealous.

Scorpios can be overwhelmed by the attractions of a possible partner and they can put all their energy into the chase. They will persist, even when it becomes obvious that the object of their affections is unsuitable.

Difficulties can arise when a Scorpio becomes obsessed with a partner, as separation can be a traumatic crisis that they never completely get over.

In the stressful periods of a relationship, particularly at times of separation, the Scorpio's tendency to be secretive and vindictive, even to the point of cruelty, may emerge, but other aspects of an individual birth chart can modify these characteristics.

A relationship with a Scorpio can be an intensely passionate experience, unlike one with any other partner, but it will be very demanding.

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A Scorpio is all energy and therefore needs a conductor.

It is most important in a personal relationship that the partner is not cold or undemonstrative.
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