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Scorpio progressed into Sagittarius

Determined and forceful.
Emotional and intuitive.
Powerful and passionate.
Compulsive and obsessive.
Secretive and obstinate.
Intensely passionate and jealous.

Weight gain and indigestion may become problems.

The Scorpio person may be persuaded to take more risks, both physical and financial, than normal, and they may find it much easier to study in depth.

The Scorpio image, usually rather sexy and often expressed in dark colors, may now become more casual and sometimes conventional in outlook.

The individual may cultivate a more relaxed, perhaps sportier look.

When the Scorpio Ascendant progresses into Sagittarius, the psychological outlook will be less intense and the individual may become more philosophical.

As a result, there will be less obsessive worry about personal problems and also less physical ailments.

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When a Scorpio Sun progresses into Sagittarius, determination joins with a lively, enthusiastic attitude to challenge.

It will be easier for the subject to be open and extrovert and the tendency to be secretive and bottle up problems and emotions may diminish.

Sagittarius is also a sign that likes to enjoy life, which won't make it any easier for Scorpios to watch their diets.
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